"It Was A Very Good Year"


I loved the opening....
it was so effective in presenting what was to
come in the show, and
what the audience
would be hearing.
— Carol, Jim Thorpe, PA

A musical journey of the life and times of the late Frank Sinatra, ‘It Was A Very Good Year,’ written & produced by Sands, begins with the early days of Tommy Dorsey, & ends in the bright lights of NYC.

Sands takes you from the silver screen of Hollywood, to Frank’s Main Event comeback. Sinatra’s best loved songs are performed in this sensational storytelling musical.

The audience really doesn’t expect what they’re going to be seeing. It’s not just someone going onstage doing Sinatra’s music. We tell a narrated story with multimedia projections at six different points in Sinatra’s career,” Sands says.

The show starts out during the BIG BAND ERA, and ends up at Madison Square Garden in 1974, when Frank Sinatra came out of retirement.

It’s not just someone going
out there doing Sinatra’s music.
— Tony Sands
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